Ride The Edge: A Killer Motorcycle Route Two Hours from Toronto

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Ride The Edge: A Killer Motorcycle Route Two Hours from Toronto

Right in the middle of Ontario is a gorgeous motorcycle route, developed by riders, which captures all the best of the Canadian Wilderness, without sacrificing great conveniences and amenities. It offers incredible local food, picturesque patios, motorcycle-friendly accommodations, and endless twisty backroads, which are vetted annually to ensure they are in great condition. Plus, it’s all within a couple hours from Toronto or Ottawa.

The rugged landscape ensures there are endless twists and incredible views all along this route

The Route: A Rollercoaster of Twists and Turns

This four-day, approximately 1000km (620 miles), itinerary takes riders through the legendary cottage country of Muskoka, to the rugged shorelines and crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay, through Canada’s oldest provincial park, and along some of the best backroads in the nation, to complete a storied loop that defines the Great Canadian Wilderness. All along the way you will be treated to sweeping turns and incredible views. This itinerary has been assembled for riders who want the best experience possible. Hotels, restaurants and stops have been vetted by riders for their suitability for the motorcycle experience. 

The route forms a nice big loop, so feel free to start from whichever point suits you best. Arriving from the Greater Toronto Area, we prefer to start in Gravenhurst; the gateway to Muskoka, which is only a short two-hour ride from Toronto. With all the shops you would ever need before starting the Loop. Another great option if you’re arriving late, is to stay overnight for a fresh start in the morning. We love the Inn at the Falls in nearby Bracebridge.

For more info, check out the full itinerary below.

This route has shoreline roads for days

Local Culinary Delights: Fuel for the Adventure

Now, let's talk about the real highlight of any motorcycle journey: the food. Ride the Edge does not disappoint.

From gourmet coffee and pastries to kickstart those morning rides, to roadside food trucks, and even fine dining, the route is chock full of great restaurant options offering an eclectic culinary adventure ranging in options like Cuban, Thai, BBQ, Mexican, Caribbean, Ukrainian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Indian, just to name a few.

However, it's not just about the food as much as the experience. The area offers countless opportunities to enjoy your meal overlooking a pristine lake, beverage of choice in hand, while swapping stories and forging new ones with fellow riders. And that, my friends, is what motorcycle touring is all about.

The patio at Trestle Brewing Co in Parry Sound - This route is chock-full of some incredible outdoor dining options

Motorcycle-Friendly Accommodations: Rest Easy, Riders

The Great Canadian Wilderness is chock-full of motorcycle-friendly accommodations as well. Whether you're looking for a cozy inn, a rustic cabin, or a luxury resort, you'll find it all along this route. 

In addition to the Inn at the Falls of Bracebridge, we love The Bayside Inn in Parry Sound, which perfectly captures the exposed Canadian Shield shorelines of Georgian Bay, and the town’s iconic trestle bridge. You can also treat yourself to a well-deserved night of R&R at the Deerhurst Resort in Bracebridge, which includes some incredible restaurants, nightlife/entertainment, and amenities, all on site. You can catch a concert, and then treat yourself to the relaxing spa and treat those aches and pains after a long day’s ride.

Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville will give you the R&R you need after an increble day's ride

Unique Attractions and "Instagrammable" Moments

You’ll find no shortage of interesting stops such as parasailing, maple sugarbush, bowling, sunset cruises, mini putt, hiking, and the list goes on. Our personal faves include Screaming Heads, the mind bending art installation that happens to pop up seemingly out of nowhere on an incredible back country road, as well as the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower; which provides one of the best views in the province.

Immerse yourself in the surreal 310 acre landscape at Screaming Heads

Why Ride The Great Canadian Wilderness?

So, why should you choose The Great Canadian Wilderness for your next motorcycle adventure? Well, let me break it down for you. It’s all about balance, and about accessing those thrills and those special moments along the way. The Great Canadian Wilderness gets you far enough from the big city for some proper backcountry and cottage roads, without sacrificing on conveniences, great amenities, and well-serviced communities.

First and foremost, this route offers some of the best riding you'll find anywhere in Ontario, if not Canada. From heart-stopping twists and turns to breathtaking scenery, the area has it all.

But, it's not just about the riding; it's about the experience. It's about the stops along the way, those great little gems, the thrill of the open road, cool places to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders, and the freedom to explore with a few choice buds.

So, what are you waiting for? Saddle up, grab some buddies, goose that throttle, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The Wilderness awaits.

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