Worth the Trip – Road Trip-Worthy Eats You NEED to Know About – BG’s Taco

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Worth the Trip – Road Trip-Worthy Eats You NEED to Know About – BG’s Taco
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The point of this series is to highlight some of my favourite food spots which I have discovered for myself, as of late. You know those hidden (or not-so-hidden) gems that you come across on a road trip? The spots that blow your mind, and then you just can’t wait to tell all your friends and family about them? I’m talking about the holy grail, end-of-the-quest type places. Those places that, should you need an excuse for a Sunday drive or a longer road trip, these restaurants are good enough to be the sole reason you head in that direction.

First up in the series…

BG Tacos at Loon’s Landing near Alban, ON in Northeastern Ontario

This taco spot is so well hidden, that you will currently find exactly zero links or pieces of information about it on the Google. So, let’s change that! Because, this is truly a diamond in the rough, in the most literal sense.

Not far off the main highway through French River (69N), I stumbled upon this spot on an occasional/somewhat annual group ride around Georgian Bay. Pulling into the campground at Loon’s Landing, there is a very inconspicuous house off on its own in the woods that I had never really noticed in years past. However, this time there was something different. A Mexican flag is now prominently displayed, with a few fresh picnic tables, and a colourful “tacos” sign posted above the back door. It looked quiet, so we proceeded to drive past and set up our tents. However, soon after, the most friendly family imaginable showed up at the campsite by way of a golf cart to deliver some menus, offer to take orders, and even offer to deliver tacos to the camp at no extra charge.

Now, these tacos are the real deal. And, I would say I have become pretty good at determining this, seeing as how my partner is Mexican. One of BG Tacos’ owners is a recent transplant from Acapulco who has recently started a family here. Good news for all of us! Everything was fresh and homemade, and they even grow many of the ingredients in the beautiful garden right behind their house. My friends and I opted to ride down the short road to order and eat our tacos at the nice picnic area on site, and we were greeted by blasting mariachi music, which took me back to Mexico, if just for a moment.

They treated us like old friends, trading stories and providing some of the best service and Mexican food that I’d had in a long while. Perfect guacamole and homemade tortilla chips were followed by pastor, carnitas, and birria tacos. Everything was served with countless homemade salsas, along with fresh onions and cilantro from the garden, more toppings than one could ever need. Hot tip, when they start bringing out the homemade salsas instead of the store-bought bottles, that is when you know it’s likely going to be good. This was followed by crispy fresh cinnamon-sugar churros for dessert, of course!

The rest of the much larger group we were travelling with rolled in later and everyone was so stoked to be surprised with a new taco spot in such an unlikely location. The restaurant owners made several trips delivering tacos back and forth to the campsite throughout the evening. Service was great each time, and there were many giddy bikers that day. This place is nothing short of special, and I would not hesitate to drive hours out of my way to eat there again. In fact, I’ll be making a point of it, from now on.

¡Viva Mexico, y viva BG’s Tacos!

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