The Secret to an Amazing Motorcycle Adventure in Quebec

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The Secret to an Amazing Motorcycle Adventure in Quebec
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If you ride a motorcycle you’re probably the kind of person who knows that life is short and that the amount of time you get to do what you actually want to do is even shorter. You know that if you truly want to enjoy your time, you need to listen to that part of youself that drove you to get a bike in the first place, the part of you that wants to see more, to do more. To ignore the growing pain in your ass and ride another mile just to find out what’s around that next bend, to feel your heart rate increasing as the sun begins to set on an unfamiliar land, taking in a deep breathe of satisfaction when you realize that this is where you want to be. This is why you ride.

Looking for adventure that really hits the spot can be tricky. You want to go where you’re sure to find it but you don’t want to know what’s coming or it spoils it. There are times when we need to stretch our imaginations and push our limits, to remind ourselves that life is for living, not somewhere down the line but right now. When we hear that call we look for the answer beyond the horizon, to Quebec!

afficher-20110823104451-20110413165436-moto-le-aux-grues-crdits-michel-julien-2courtesy chaudiereappalaches
The view from Isle-aux-Grues in Chaudières Appalaches, Quebec

If you’re heading up from New York state be sure to take advantage of the scenic roads on the Adirondack Coast Route to get you into La Belle Province.

Start with the famed and endlessly scenic Chemin du Roy (The King’s Road). Highway 138 is a dream of a ride and hands-down the best route from Montreal to Quebec City. Wind through tiny villages with loads of cafés and restaurants to stop at along the way and some serious history—check out ancestral homes dating back to the 18th century—this road gets you there in style! Order or download the map if you want but all you really need to remember is to keep the St. Lawrence River on your right and you’ll know you’re on the right path.




As you come to the end of the Chemin du Roy something changes. Gripping the handlebars a little harder, an unaccounted sweat appears on your brow and you know something’s not right. Traffic is getting denser and you feel a tension surrounding everything and everyone as you approach Quebec City. The wise motorcyclist knows that big cities are not what these machines were made for.

So here’s the trick: Don’t go to Quebec City. You immediately cross the river to Lévis for a stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Lévis. Be sure to book ahead to take advantage of their Motorcycle Package, on from April 1stto October 31st. After a long day’s ride you want rest up with people who know what they’re doing. The Four Points Sheraton Levis has indoor parking for two motorcycles, local craft beer on tap and a full breakfast awaiting you at the Cosmos Restaurant the next morning. You can be sure you’re in good hands.

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The excellent and very motorcycle-friendly Four Points by Sheraton Lévis

Distances to Lévis, QC

Toronto, ON – 793 km (7½ hours)

Kingston, ON – 540 km (5 hours)

Ottawa, ON – 436 km (4½ hours)

Montreal, QC – 243 km (2½ hours)

Boston, MA – 389 mi (6 hours)

New York, NY – 512 mi (8¼ hours)

Located just five minutes away from the Lévis Ferry and facing Old Quebec, you’ve got easy access to “La Vieille Capitale” and all its charms. The real benefit is that when you’re ready to get out there and lose yourself along some of the surrounding country roads, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. No watching your morning eaten up trying to escape city traffic. In Lévis, you’re already out there, free, ready to go.




And oh, the places you will go! You’ve secured the perfect staging grounds for a weekend (or week) of serious adventuring. This is the land where history goes back further, arts and culture are a part of everyday life and most of all, there are motorcycle roads a-plenty! It’s like they designed the place with the rider in mind.

The Chaudiére-Appalache region is home to 5 of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in the province. Each of them are between 200 to 250km making it possible to plan ahead or let your mood guide you each day.

afficher-20110823110353-20110802141336-epopee-de-la-moto-mjc1826-courtesy chaudiereappalaches
Take in some history at Quebec’s first motorcycle museum, L’épopée de la Moto



Explore the beauty of The Route of the Two Valleys between the Chaudiére and Etchemin Rivers—it literally begins at your front door. Or if you didn’t get enough on the way up, see what the other side of the St. Lawrence has to offer on the Navigator’s Trail. Take in the varied landscapes of the Land of Mines and Lakes or the Route of Contrasts. And if you want something you just can’t find in Ontario, get some elevation going up and down the Appalachian Mountains on the Parks’ Route. Travel further up the St. Lawrence and discover the motorcycle routes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region. And of course from there you can travel on further east to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail.


It’s truly another world out here and yet, so close. The invigorating feeling you get when traveling outside your comfort zone is the same feeling that got you into biking in the first place. Reacquainting with that feeling is the reward for going further and this is the place to find it.

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