Gateway to the North Snowmobile Tour

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Gateway to the North Snowmobile Tour
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Where do you go for your late-season sledding, where the whole town is snowmobile-accessible, trails head out in all directions, and they’re all marked green through til April?

If you’ve ever done any sledding around Cochrane, Ontario then you know what I’m talking about. With snow arriving early, and staying late, the season really is four months up here!

The Gateway to the North Tour

One of the greatest loops staging out of Cochrane is the Gateway to the North tour – a 211 km loop that takes you through remote and pristine landscapes and vibrant communities, along breathtaking wide and straight forest-access roads and hydro corridors, and along the edge of scenic Greenwater Park, one of only a few provincial parks where you can snowmobile. It’s really a special spot and not to be missed!

While snowmobiling is definitely a high-speed activity, it’s also a good way to connect with the beauty of nature in winter and enjoy the solitude of the wilderness. When we’re marveling at the snowy tops of the tall trees along the trail, we tread lightly to preserve natural resources for future generations.

Cochrane Rolls out the White Carpet for Sledders

If you’re new to Ride the North, and you’re looking for a sledding town, then Cochrane is your place. This town is perfect to stage out of with its hotels, restaurants, gas, powersports dealers and suppliers—all easily accessible by snowmobile.

Cochrane to Smooth Rock Falls on the TOP A

From Cochrane, you’ll start the loop on the TOP A trail west towards Smooth Rock Falls, another great sledding town— and an option for staging on this tour. Smooth Rock Falls is a perfect stopover on the way to Hearst or Kapuskasking, or even the legendary Abitibi Canyon Loop. Fuel is available, and there’s a great restaurant, Smoothy’s, just made for sledders, with tons of parking available. The Arctic Riders Snowmobile Club takes a lot of pride in their Award-Winning trails! I had a real moment of wonder myself on the beautiful trail near the bridge outside Smooth Rock Falls.

Take a Side Trip to Timmins

A quick side trip on the TOP C Connector takes you to Timmins, which has got to be one of the most snowmobile-friendly cities in the world. It’s one of the few cities in Ontario with access to many accommodations, restaurants, gas stations and shopping from the OFSC snowmobile trails into town. It’s so easy to get around with your sled! The Timmins Snowmobile Club maintains over 440 km of groomed trails in the area.

Sledders at the Microtel Inn & Suites in Timmins

The Details

Duration: 1 Day, 211 km

Highlights: Greenwater Provincial Park, hydro corridors

District: OFSC District 15

Trails: TOP A, TOP C trail; A106C; L103; TOP A



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Staging Communities

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